应广大买家的要求,圣约翰集团平台推出了【藏·荐】栏目。【藏·荐】栏目借助圣约翰集团平台强大的传播效应,向各位买家推荐经过故宫博物馆多名专家甄选的艺术臻品我的女鬼老婆 ,已经为出手卖家及置购买家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品的价值都被发掘与重视并得以在交易中兑现。At the request of the vast number of buyers,微商水印相机 Saint John group platform launched the "Tibet recommendation" column. With the help of the strong communication effect of the Saint John group platform, the Tibetan recommendation column recommends to the buyers of the art collection through the selection of many experts from the the Imperial Palace Museum. It has already been used by the sellers and purchasers, so that the value of thousands of pieces of art treasures have been excavated and valued and realized in the transaction.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------玛瑙是指具有纹带构造的玉髓,它是一种胶状矿物,其主要成分为二氧化硅。硬度为6.5-7,比重2.65,断口呈贝壳状,透明至半透明,玻璃光泽。玛瑙质纯者皆应为白色,因含有有色离子或其它杂质,才会出现灰、红、蓝等色。天然红玛瑙经过“烧红”,热处理可使浅红玛瑙变为鲜红。也可将优质白玛瑙染成各种颜色。玛瑙市场上常做成手镯,也做一些小挂件和摆件。玛瑙主要产出巴西,我国玛瑙主要产地在辽宁的阜新市和内蒙古呼伦贝尔市莫力达瓦达斡尔族自治旗宝山镇。Agate is a chalcedony with a ribbon structure. It is a colloidal mineral whose main component is silicon dioxide. The hardness is 6.5-7, the specific gravity is 2.65, the fracture is shell like, transparent to translucent, glass luster. The agate pure should be white, and it will appear ash, red, blue and other colors because of its coloured ions or other impurities. The natural red agate is red after heat treatment, so that the red agate becomes red. It can also dye fine white agate in all colors. In the agate market, bracelets are often made, and some small pendants and ornaments are also made. Agate is mainly produced in Brazil. The main producing areas of agate in China are in Fuxin city of Liaoning and Baoshan Town, Inner Mongolia municipality, Hulun Buir.

最为突出和神奇的象形是一盏 “心灯(心灵之灯)”据悉成交价高达9位数,被誉为战国红之魂。
Agate is also an agate, agate, horse brain and so on, is a kind of chalcedony minerals, often mixed with Opal and cryptic quartz ribbon block, the hardness of 6.5-7 degree, the proportion of 2.65戈壁剿匪记 , color is quite level. Having translucent or opaque. The original form is three - square crystal system. It is usually dense and lumpy, forming various structures, such as breasts, grapevines, tubercle and so on. Chalcedony, which has different colors, usually has many colors, such as green, red, yellow, brown and white. According to patterns and impurities, it can be divided into Onyx, agate, agate, Castle agate and so on. Often used as playthings, ornaments, ornaments or playthings. Ancient agate balls are often seen in funerary objects.
The most outstanding and magical pictograph is a heart lamp (lamp of the mind). It is learned that the transaction price is up to 9 digits and is known as the soul of the red Warring States period.

1. 玛瑙是佛教七宝之一,自古以来一直被当为辟邪物、护身符使用,象征友善的爱心 和希望。
2. 在西方魔法里,教人将自己的愿望写在一张纸上,折叠包妥,静心冥想过后,再放入玛瑙聚宝盆内,至少要放一天一夜,让能量在其中激荡强化,取出后,将之火化烧掉,藉助火的力量,将你的愿望传入自然界,多能心想事成。
3.夏天佩带玛瑙不仅时尚、漂亮而且能降温,防止中暑等烈血暹士2 。
There are many kinds of agate, but the onyx agate is rarely added (the agate natural pattern, the agate stone, the pictograph, the agate, the agate, the ocean jade, the agate卢彦西 , the agate, the agate, the agate, the agate, the red agate, the agate, the agate, and the agate, and the agate, and the agate of the agate in the Warring States, the agate, the agate, the red agate, the agate陈玲青 , the red agate, the agate, the agate, the agate, the agate, and the agate. Purple green agate, salt agate, silk agate, agate, Gobi agate, grape agate, wolf blood agate, Xinjiang Hotan agate seed, agate and so on.
Tang Wei, the northeastern writer, according to Mr. Zhang Hongzhao and the wall, may be agate, and according to the four features mentioned in "Han Feizi", "Green Agate" is a rare and rare agate.
Exorcise evil spirits
1. agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It has been used as an evil talisman and amulet since ancient times, symbolizing friendly love and hope.
2. in Western magic, to teach people to write their wishes on a piece of paper, fold it in a piece of paper, and after meditation, then put it into the agate pool. At least one day and a night, let the energy be intensified in it. After taking out, the cremation will be burned out, and the power of fire will spread your desire into nature, and more can think of things. Yes.
3. summer wearing agate is not only fashionable, beautiful but also can cool down, prevent heatstroke and so on.
4. agate, with its rich color and beauty, is used as a gemstone or craft product. It can also be used to make bearings and agate objects, agate, agate, and other industrial products for precision instruments.
本次给收藏的爱好者所推荐是一件玛瑙籽料奇石---昆仑雪莲花This collection is recommended by the fans as an agate seed stone -- Kunlun Saussurea flower.


此件玛瑙籽料奇石---昆仑雪莲花是价值相当高的罕见之物,人们以“珍珠玛瑙”表示宝物。由于发现原料很多,又加琢磨工艺水平的提高,所以玛瑙饰品很为常见,但仍属高档玉材。因为一块玛瑙的颜色很多,雕做成俏色工艺品都市灵医王 ,其价值很高。此外,有的玛瑙中可以有肉眼可见的较大的液、气二相包裹体,称水胆玛瑙,雕琢师可将水胆布置在突出的位置做*品,这是十分难得而珍贵的品种。玛瑙还可以染色,一般都是灰色、浅色等不太美丽的原料,染成红、黄、绿、蓝、黑等色,染色玛瑙色彩柔和不会退色。此藏品质地坚硬、致密细腻、色泽鲜明光亮,晶莹剔透;纹路清晰,有天然图案。为颜色美观的宝石玛蒂娜希尔 ,它是雕琢美术工艺品的上等原料。属极美品,目前的玛瑙原石投资市场火热,行情大涨,藏品为不可多得的收藏重器、极为罕见、有巨大的投资价值及收藏价值。This agate seed material - Kunlun snow lotus is a very valuable rare thing, people with "Pearl agate" treasure. Because of the fact that many materials are found and the technological level is improved, agate ornaments are very common, but they are still high-grade jade materials. Because the color of a agate is very large替身娘娘 , the carving is made of coloured handicraft, and its value is very high. In addition, some agate can be visible to the eye of the larger liquid, gas two phase inclusions, called water gallbladder agate, the sculpting teacher can arrange water bile in the prominent position to do *, this is a rare and precious variety. Agate can also be dyed, usually gray, light color and other not too beautiful raw materials, dyed red, yellow, green, blue春日野椿 , black and other colors, dyed agate color soft will not fade. The quality of Tibet is hard, dense, delicate, bright and bright炮火1906 , clear and clear, with clear patterns and natural patterns. It is a gem with beautiful color. It is a top quality material for carving fine arts and crafts. It is the most beautiful, the current agate stone investment market is hot, the market is rising神威茄子, the collection is a rare collection, extremely rare, huge investment value and collection value.

The growing environment of Saussurea involucrata is extremely bad, and its growing environment can not survive. The snow lotus can grow and grow stubbornly in the cold and thin air of the hypoxic environment. It is also the unique survival habit and unique growth environment of Saussurea involucrate that makes it natural and rare. It also proves the moral meaning of this strange stone.
Snow lotus represents pure white love, tenacity, purity, and brings hope to people.
Pure love, tenacity, purity and hope are also symbols of holiness.
玛瑙籽料奇石昆仑雪莲花Agate seed stone Kunlun Saussurea flower
Starting price;3.000.000RMB
Bid for this item, please contact our business personnel in advance for special bidding plate number.
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